GlimpseATS automates operational tasks and frees HR time for the high value tickets to make difference into people for your organisation

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Cloud Based HR

Cloud-based means that you don't need your own server infrastructure. This makes you free from the hassles of maintaining the servers and data backups. It is easily scalable - depends on company size, you can contact us anytime for assistance. Just sign up and make your HR easier

Secure And Available with History

All employee data including, right from the first automated but customised invitation till the onboard, every information and documentation is captured and kept in the secured place. We use the world class hosting provider - Google Web Services. All connections are encrypted, your data is backed up and systems are monitored 24/7 by our IT experts

Multi-Location / Country

Employees hiring in different countries? Talent Onboard Software handles multiple countries configuration in one account. We help you in enabling and configuring according to the required processes followed in different countries.


Seamless integrations with tools that are commonly used by growing businesses. You can enable integration with just one click and keep your HR data synchronized automatically with your existing systems.

Candidate Management - Simple Operations

Talent Onboard Software is a web application to access it from everywhere in your web browser. Your essential HR activities are always at hand on any of the handheld device for convenience.

Your Questions - Answered

Do we need to install any software?

No. It is on the cloud and is supported by almost all the browsers. There is no installations required. Every update is done remotely. All your data and information is stored securely on the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere or any device. In short, the teams can work through it being mobile.

How do you ensure that my data is secure in the cloud?

We provide best of the security policies to secure your data. Some of the steps and efforts we take to secure your data is -

  • Replicating your data to our DR framework and performing realtime DR drills on the production data
  • Ensuring the administrating accesses are logged and limited to those who require accesses

Do we need to purchase the entire site or we can even buy the few modules to meet the business requirements?

Yes, we can make a custom made application to suite your business requirements. You can also purchase a specific module and we can integrate with your existing softwares

Does your software cater to the multi-national companies, which has offices at many locations separated by different languages?

Yes, it is very flexible and can be enabled for various languages on the request

How long does it take to make it up and running?

For medium to large organisation it takes 4 to 6 weeks. For smaller organisation it can be accomplished within 2 weeks

Do you also work with NGOs, educational institutes and smaller companies?

Yes and we customise the special commercial packages for them

GlimpseATS provides you more effective onboarding and creates best impression about the company’s culture

  • Very simple to operate
  • All information right from hiring activities till retire at one place
  • Flexible analytics

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